Dragon Ball great it focuses on more elements and themes than the prequel, thanks to Toyotaro's desire to enrich Akira Toriyama's masterpiece, but always under the supervision of the famous mangaka. In all of this, there is no lack of insights such as the ideology of the various characters.

The new chapter of the manga that was recently released on Manga Plus continues the saga with Goten and Trunks although it is not clear if the story arc in question is complete or nearing its end. In fact, the two young warriors avoided a small raid by the same team behind the misdeeds of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

However, the saga in question became the protagonist of a very brief dialogue between the two new superheroes, which made the community think a lot. In the brief sequence, therefore, Trunks complains to his friend that there is no evil foe to defeat in style in the modern era, a statement admonished by Goten, who replies that a world at peace is a good thing is. He was inspired by his brother as a superherosince Gohan has contributed to his growth during his father's absence, but Goku also played a certain role in the formation of his ideology because one of our hero's beliefs is to continue to be prepared in case something unfortunate might happen.

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