Shiro Usazaki is a popular face of the Shonen Jump community, the same magazine as ONE PIECE and My Hero Academia to be clear, especially after the scandal with his colleague and author act age. However, the illustrator never stopped working and thinking about the future.

After the chaos unleashed by the 2020 molestation allegations against Tatsuya Matsuki, Usazaki Sensei has slipped somewhat off the radar and been involved in sporadic projects. In any case, despite this event that led to the cancellation of her manga, the author has not lost her love for her work, also thanks to the many messages she has received from all over the world.

In fact, in one of his recent tweets on Twitter, Shiro Usazaki she thanked all the readers who have sent her letters of support through the editorial team over the years. In the same post, she took the opportunity to thank them once again for their patience despite not being able to show their new projects, but again urged her audience to wait for her while she does her best.

So we don't know when the author will appear again Weekly Shonen Leapor in another magazine from shueisha, but we'll keep you posted in anticipation of more news. And you on the other hand, what do you think of this message, is something bubbling in the pot? Tell us yours with a comment below.

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