The mightiest warrior in the universe continues to threaten Goku and Vegeta. The clash between the two Saiyans and Gas is now the central point of the Granolah saga and takes place in Chapter 86 Dragon Ball greatnow available on MangaPlus, the confrontation has reached a new phase where Gas seems extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

As expected from the various spoilers and drafts that have surfaced the web, Chapter 86 begins with the Manifestation of the power of the new form of gas. The Heeter is actually able to exploit his ki and manages to lift Goku from afar. Although the Saiyan manages to take the opponent from behind with the instant transfer, Gas starts the counterattack by surprising him with the same technique.

In order to catch the Saiyan and hit him with a direct attack, Gas creates a tornado and starts throwing energy balls. Goku absorbs all the punches and then falls to the ground, exhausted. Gas always takes advantage of the expansion of his ki and unleashes a mighty punch, and as a new exchange of blows begins between the two, Granolah enters the scene. The Cerulean brings Goku with it and the two decide to team up again to counter the immense power of Gas.

The Heeter seems to get nervous after a few moments and soon after on the battlefield Vegeta returns. When the Prince lands Gas with a warhead, Granolah launches a devastating attack and Monaito manages to use hypnosis to stop Oil and Macki. Vegeta tries to block Gas so that Granolah's shot will hit him, but the villain escapes his grasp and goes straight for Granolah.

Unexpectedly a gigantic manifestation of Goku's ki blocks gas and then shoots it into the atmosphere. Thanks to the technology of oatmeal, Granolah manages to aim well and hit the enemy. The chapter ends with the energy sphere shockwave hitting everyone present and gas returning to the surface of Cereal at the center of a huge crater.

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