The manga from Dragon Ball great It swiftly progresses towards the conclusion of the Granolah the Survivor saga, with a new chapter being released every month. Just yesterday he made his debut in MangaPlus Dragon Ball Super 86, which seems to have put an end to the clash between Warriors Z and Gas of the Heeter.

The final chapter of Dragon Ball Super takes the narrative from the Clash between Goku and Gas, with the latter seeming to prevail. However, returning to the battlefield of Granolah gives Goku new hope, who decides to face the Heeter to allow the sky-blue companion to unleash his most powerful energy strike.

As Goku attempts to use Gas to buy time, the mercenary group member unleashes a technique that allows him to use his aura to enlarge his fists and other parts of his body. For many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this technique may have reminded us of something: it is actually very similar to the heroine's power. MS. Wonder, protagonist of the TV series of the same name on Disney+. Kamala Khan is actually able, through an ancient bracelet, to enlarge parts of his body with the strange material at will. The detail did not go unnoticed, as evidenced by @'s tweetValdezology at the end of the news.

On the final pages of Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super, Son GokuLying exhausted on the ground, he uses the same technique as Gas (and Ms. Marvel) to use his aura to create a giant body that blocks gas and hurls it into the air granola to meet in flight. The end of the chapter shows Gas lying on the ground as Granolah orders the other Heeter to pick him up and leave the planet Cereal.

The Granolah the Survivor saga seems to be really winding down, but we're pretty sure it's over gas? With Master Toriyama, surprise is always around the corner.

We leave you to the 8 major mistakes of the Dragon Ball Super Granolah saga.

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