In Japan, the new chapter of the manga has yet to be released, but V-Jump has already unveiled the official drafts of Dragon Ball Super 72. With the first seven pages and an additional cartoon we are introduced to the events that will take form from here until someday. And one of the aspects the story will revolve around will be the Heeter family.

While Maki and Oil brought Goku and Vegeta to the planet Cereal so they could turn him against Granolah, in space there is elec and gas. The duo on board another spacecraft is in orbit of the planet Cereal and is featured on one of the design pages of Dragon Ball Super 72. On this fourth page, Elec and Gas argue, with the former remembering their last landing on the planet, 40 years earlier.

However, Gas doesn't seem interested in going back since he only has bad memories of what happened. What happened is not explained Elec would like to emphasize that things will no longer work out the way they used to be than gas has changed and got stronger. It means that someone managed to defeat Gas despite his strength, and that someone shouldn't be Granolah.

Meanwhile, the Cerelean begins the attack on Goku and Vegeta and forces the Saiyan prince to transform. What else Secrets are revealed in Dragon Ball Super 72?

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