King in Black, the author speaks: "All Marvel superheroes against Knull, it’s going to be great"

King in Black will debut on December 2nd and is becoming one of the most ambitious crossovers ever. if not the most ambitious, in recent history of Marvel Comics. The author Donny Cates gave the microphones some information about the series CBRThis confirms the presence of Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic 4, and a host of other superheroes.

""You will see the Avengers fight Knull, but not only"explained Donny Cates,"There will be the X-Men, the Fantastic 4 and many more. Doctor Strange will take part in the battle, but also Black Cat, Namor, Silver Surfer. In short, no one is going to watch billions of dragons and other creatures invade the planet and say, "You know what? About." Latveria will take part in the battle, as will the warriors of Wakanda and the heroes of New York. This is not an optional battle".

King in Black is a direct sequel to Absolute Carnage and Empyre will tell the invasion of planet earth by the symbiote king Knull and his army. The antagonist is emerging as one of the most terrifying to emerge, and all Marvel heroes (and even some villains) will have to band together to end the threat. The first edition will be available from December 2, 2020and between January and February 2021, two spin-offs will arrive, one for the Valkyries and one for Wicca and Hulkling.

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