Meanwhile Dragon Ball Super went into the regular monthly mechanic. Before the monthly publication of the chapter on V-Jump, the editors anticipate the first pages by presenting the drafts of the Toyotaro Mangaka about ten days before the official publication. That way, fans can recharge while waiting for the full reading.

In fact, the setting for Dragon Ball Super 69 was presented a few days ago, split between the planet Cereal and the planet where Vegeta and Goku train with Beerus and Whis. However, to these official revelations, we need to add the spoilers that have already exposed a conflict between Vegeta and Beerus.

A few hours before the official release of V-Jump in Japan, the preview of the March issue was released in the last few minutes Dragon Ball Super 70 release datealong with an advertising image. In the tweet below we see Goku and Granolah protagonists of this image with a green background that fades into white, while on the right there is an inscription with a pink halo. Translation reads "The true potential of the strongest warrior in the seventh universe ...?!" This suggests that in the next chapter we will see the birth of that elusive warrior that was heralded earlier in the manga.

Also, below is informed about the release of Dragon Ball Super 70 for March 19, 2021 on V-Jump, which means that will arrive in Italy on March 18, 2021 thanks to MangaPlus at 16:00 in English and Spanish. What adventures will there be for Goku?

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