Having left the saga of Molo behind, Toyotaro is ready to introduce it between the pages of Dragon Ball Super the new narrative arc of the manga entitled "The Saga of Survivor Granolla" relating to the mysterious individual we met in the various indiscretions that have leaked in the last few days.

Anyway, Chapter 68 is set to debut tomorrow Manga PlusHowever, thanks to the insider's efforts, the full spoilers are already available online DBS hype. As we have seen from the drafts, the chapter begins with a flashback in which a planet is brutally attacked by the army of Freeza, in which even Bardak seems to be a part.

Granolla wakes up in shock and confirms to Oatmeel that she had "the same dream" again. The conditions of OG73 remain stable, but Granolla decides not to go back to sleep and establishes a dialogue with the "Companion" about Freeza's army, which is no longer a problem with his departure. The same applies to the Saiyajins, as a meteor has dissolved the planet Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Goku tries to catch the oracle fish on Beerus' planet to give him a vitamin that will help him rest. Indeed, this shows that if the oracle fish does not rest, it does It's a bad feeling. Goku hopes that he can fight someone again, but is berated by Beerus. The Saiyajin takes it up againTraining with Whis becomes Ultra Instinctwhich annoyed Vegeta, but none of his hits hit. Beerus reveals that the angels are constantly in Ultra Instinct mode, which is why their skills are extremely high. Anyway, Whis reassures Goku by stating that he still has plenty of room for improvement if he continues to train.

Beerus asks Vegeta if he is interested in Ultra Instinct, but the prince replies that this form is not his ideal and that he intends to overcome Kakarotto in other ways. The god of destruction smiles and replies that it is difficult even for him as the divinity of war, "have a kind heart". So he reveals it to Vegeta Ultra Instinct isn't the only technique used by the gods but who does not intend to teach him anyway? Rather, he invites him to practice with him and steal them.

We return to space where Granolla reaches an asteroid from which he sees a building. He is greeted by Soshiru, who invites him to the palace, where a mysterious figure, probably the leader, is housed in a room on a throne in the background. There are 4 in total in front of him and Granolla brought OG73 in hopes of getting a large payment. He is therefore commended by the figure on the throne for accomplishing the feat, and Elec, another of the four, agrees to be paid. Elec explains to the Cerulean that I am The most powerful forces in the universe today are money and informationand only those who have more knowledge - something they seem to have # 73 - can claim to rule the universe.

Then they fire him and say that after Freeza's return they will no longer have any work for him, news that leaves Granolla speechless. However, upon his persistent plea to know where he is, he is impressed by Elec, who invites him to calm down and study a plan if he is to pursue his goal of revenge. After Granolla leaves the palace, Elec explains to his companions that he has revealed the return of Freeza to the Cerulean so that he can rush against the Emperor of Evil, to die in the company, to get him out of the way and free information from No. 73 to enter the Zuno residence.

Granolla wants to return to Planet Cereal, but is attacked by Soshiru and forced to resort to a nearby asteroid. Soshiru and his henchmen make their way to the spaceship, but there is only one radio inside, from which Oatmeel's voice comes. So he is shot from a distance by Granolla, just like a sniper, and surrenders in front of the enemy, even leaving him some money that he has to spare. Granolla realizes that she doesn't have enough strength to fight Freeza and that she needs to become stronger than everyone else. The chapter ends with the oracle fish predicting that the The strongest fighter in the seventh universe is about to be born.

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