Dragon Ball Super seems to have clearly reached the end of the narrative arc. Molo gave the protagonists a lot of headaches and not even Goku's incomplete Ultra Instinct managed to destroy the bad guy. But Merus' arrival made Molo more vulnerable and the angel seems to have triggered something in Goku as well.

Dragon Ball Super 64 will arrive on September 18thFridays on MangaPlus in English and Spanish. But what will Toyotaro present to its readers? The last table of the previous chapter seems to leave no doubt: Goku will arrive in the state of Ultra Instinct, but this time completely. In the words of the late Merus, the new version of the divine technique will be the most stable the protagonist has ever used.

The first pages have been removed where Goku's transformation is confirmedThe Saiyan must work out all of his techniques to face Molo. We expect a chapter full of fights and action scenes, moves and high-level techniques, including a Kamehameha in Ultra Instinct. How long will this fight last?

There will be a clash between the two that can only lead to the defeat of one or the other, so it is unthinkable that this battle between the two could last that long. It is therefore likely that Dragon Ball Super 64 ends the fight or it stops just before the final blow. And what do you expect from the next chapter, Goku will beat Molo?

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