Let's face it, Dragon Ball Super looks like a sweetened version of the original manga that was written and designed by Akira Toriyama at the time. Toyotaro's Midquel released on V-Jump seems to be aimed at a much younger audience and therefore has to show far less brutal and bloody scenes between the pages.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 62 has been available on MangaPlus for a few hours, but seems to shake readers from this point of view. We saw a Pier Set the area on fire by defeating anyone confronted with Gohan and Vegeta by the cyborg twins. The enemy's brutality, which had reached its final form, was already evident when he killed Saganbo a few chapters ago.

But in the new clash with Goku, he engages in new hideous gestures: after Molo has received a full wave of energy, he grows back and uses his lost arm pierce the Saiyan. Toyotaro lingers a lot on this attack and does not stop even when Piccolo tries to stop the enemy pierce by a makankosappo.

It seems that nothing can stop the demonic enemy since this saga of will ends Dragon Ball Super?

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