The last narrative sheet from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations It is one of the most ambitious in the franchise, full of exciting twists and turns and numerous changes in the face. Chapter 48 of the manga leaves no doubt, however, the showdown is finally here.

The new chapter begins right after the epochal moment of Isshiki's reincarnation, as he had planned Amado in his incredible plan to make him do it Kaki withdraw the karma and give Naruto and Sasuke the chance to take him out permanently.

Either way, the Duel between Kashin Koji and the mighty Ohtsutsuki is resumed, the latter being far ahead of its opponent. In fact, Isshiki has numerous aces up its sleeve that Jiraya's clone doesn't even allow to approach. Despite the difference in energy, the Kara leader uses this to help K.K. to warn. that his role - that is, to force him to use karma - is complete and that he will die on the spot, since Amado himself was aware of the immense power of an Ohtsutsuki. However, Koji does not believe his words and is convinced that the opponent is trying to distract him. Activates hermit mode.

Meanwhile, in Konoha, Amado reveals that the bomb connected to Shikadai is a fake and that everything was part of his plan to get asylum in the leaf village. It then confirms what Isshiki had previously quoted K.K. he has no hope of being able to do it and that only Naruto and Sasuke can actually stand against him. Due to reincarnation in Jigens weak body The alien is only a few days old before its overflowing energy tears the guest to pieces. Therefore, his goal is to get Kawaki back as soon as possible, which is why neither Sasuke nor the Hokage can act in favor of Jiraya's clone.

The latter is now trying everything against the opponent, however Nothing seems possible against Sukuna-Hikona, the eye skill of Isshiki. For this K.K. he uses the blind spot of his left eye to throw a lawn gan at him, but again he is stopped by huge stone steles. The Kara leader actually used his own secret technique, that Dai Kokuten, an evolution of Sukuna-Hikona that is able to preserve what has shrunk in an alternate dimension and reuse it at will, in a similar way and with fewer restrictions than Obito's Mangekyo Sharingan. Some parts of Koji's body are now torn to pieces, which is why he uses an invocation technique to summon Kuchiyose and withdraw from the fight before he is finally eliminated.

Back in Konoha, Sasuke prevents Boruto from going into battle with a memorable dialogue in which he says that only those who are ready to die for the village can actually do anything. And at exactly the same moment Isshiki teleports to the leaf village. The showdown is here.

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