With volume 48 of the series Batman In addition, the story "First Contact" begins with Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis. The two versions of the Dark Knight will meet in Bruce's Gotham, who apparently has a strong grudge against Terry.

Thanks to the character of Booster goldTerry, created in 1986 by writer Dan Jurgens, who has been involved in the Batman Beyond series for years, manages to reach the past in which he wants to find out the reasons for Bruce's hatred.

While it hasn't determined how effectively Booster Gold will intervene in the story, it's the character's second appearance in such an important story after the golden one in the last edition of JΓΌrgens Action Comics, in which we saw the hero out of the costume next to Superman.

At the bottom of the page you will find the cover of volume 48, and the representation of the number is shown below: "The first contact begins! Something is really, really not true Anger overwhelmed by Bruce Wayne tries to kill Batman Beyond! Who else can save him if not ... Booster Gold ?! The greatest hero in history would never have thought that he would have to take Batman Beyond back to the Gotham of the past where Bruce Wayne is Batman ... that means Batman and Batman Beyond will meet! "

Keep in mind that a one-shot has been announced for Darkest Knight, the new villain introduced in the DC universe, and that Batman has received a new costume for the Joker War finale.

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