There Dragon Ball Z Freeza Saga is one of Akira Toriyama's grossest and most beloved works, waiting for the space tyrant to make his umpteenth return to the new narrative arc of Dragon Ball Super. We discover five curiosities about his body.

The Freeza race is one of the most powerful species in the entire galaxy and it is even more feared than the Saiyan. However, these people have no official name and are often referred to as Frost Demons or simply the words "Clan of Freeza".

Freeza's body biology allows him survive without really breathing. As the series progresses, it is repeatedly emphasized that Freeza does not need oxygen to survive. An immense advantage in combat as the space tyrant can destroy a planet and continue to live in space, just like he tried at the height of the fight with Goku on Namec.

Although he doesn't have regenerative abilities like Nameks, Freeza is capable of doing so survive deadly attacks. For example, the fearsome antagonist managed to escape death even after his body was split in two. However, in order to recover, he needs external help; In this case, he was saved by his father, King Cold, who made him Mecha Freeza.

As we were able to admire during the Freeza saga dedicated to him has 4 transformationsplus an upgrade, each time a different amount of energy is released. By attaining his fourth and true form, the galactic tyrant can regenerate entire body parts such as the severed tail. Freeza can continue to transform himself through training: In Dragon Ball Super he received the very powerful and frightening golden form.

Although he and his army rely on Scouters in Dragon Ball Z. perceive the ki of the opponentsapparently Freeza managed to acquire this ability. As highlighted in Dragon Ball Super, the antagonist can now sense divine ki.

One of Freeza's dreams is not just to get revenge on Goku and become immortal to be taller. In the work of Toriyama and Toyotaro, we see him chasing the Dragon Balls to fulfill a desire to increase his stature by just five centimeters. This wish of his probably stems from an inferiority complex to his brother Coola and his father, King Cold, who are considerably taller than him. And do you know any other special features of Freeza? Let's count how many people Freeza killed in Dragon Ball Z. Here are 5 Secrets You May Not Know About Cell's Body from Dragon Ball Z.

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