Losing to Lucius Zogratis and Sister Lily, now a paladin to the fiendish antagonist, has brought Asta to the Land of the Sun, birthplace of Yami Sukehiro. This land is radically different from Clover and is home to several interesting personalities, including an unexpected protagonist: the author of Black Clover!

In Black Clover 338, Asta made important acquaintances, such as the Shogun of the Land of the Sun Ryuya Ryudo and Ichika Sukehiro, Yami's little sister. In addition, Fumito Mikurya, one, is also introduced to Asta in the next chapter Specialist in healing yojutsu of love using his powers to heal from the injuries sustained in the clash with Lucius.

Own Mikurya addressed a dilemma in the community, convinced that she has seen this character somewhere before. According to numerous fans, Mikurya was drawn by Yuki Tabata in the image and likeness of... himself. By comparing the images of the two, in fact, the resemblance is obvious.

This detail closes a circle, after which the "real" form of Charmy Pappitson is modeled after Tabata's wife instead. Now fans dream that Charmy and Fumito will meet and fall in love. Do you think Mikurya really looks like Tabata or is the network too imaginative?

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