We've been talking about this for several years Dragon Ball Super 2, the highly anticipated anime sequel that everyone knows but has never been officially announced. Originally, TOEI Animation hoped to continue the television series between 2019 and 2020, a goal that was not achieved for a reason.

In the past few weeks, following the film's debut, the insiders have come into possession of important news about Dragon Ball Super 2, which their sources say should be the case Debut later in 2023. But why has it been so long since the first plans?

According to the numerous rumors that Production of the Dragon Ball Super sequel has been halted due to Shueisha. The latter, in fact, would have chosen to devote itself mainly to other media such as games and the paper counterpart. Moreover, according to a journalist from a Spanish newspaper, it seems that the publisher avoided all pressure TOEI animation for making the sequel until the manga has strayed far enough from the Tournament of Power saga. To date, the gap between the two formats has therefore particularly widened, and with a presumed exit in 2023, the deficit could widen further. The requirements for Dragon Ball Super 2 debuts next year They are all there, but we recommend that you wait for official confirmation and take these words with due caution.

And you instead, what do you think of these reasons? Tell us what you think about this topic with a comment below.

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