Dragon ball is one of the most important anime of all time and despite the lack of a complex structure like they do or the Monogatari series, often confuses fans due to a rather unique order of release of the seasons. What's the right way to watch the series? And which souls should be skipped?

The first series that can be recovered is the one from 1986, simply called Dragon ball: This consists of a total of 153 episodes and follows the adventures of Son Goku, from the first training until the age after puberty. The successor is the historian Dragon Ball Z, consisting of 291 episodes that canonically close the story. Toei was also aired in 2009 to mark the anime's 20th anniversary Dragon Ball Kai, a remake of Dragon Ball Z consisting of 159 episodes. This has some cuts and shortens some fight scenes, but can be seen as a replacement for Z.

All of this brings us to a crossroads: On the one hand, he's sitting Dragon Ball GT, transferred immediately after the completion of Z while we have on the other side Dragon Ball Super, the canonical middle of 2015. The two projects tell completely different stories.

Dragon Ball GT was not made by writer Akira Toriyama, but from Osamu Kasai and Aya Matsui. The anime consists of 64 episodes and since it aired immediately after Z completed (February 1996 to be precise), most viewers considered the project to be an official sequel. GT is a kind What happened if animated by the same studio that took care of the first two series, and features some of the most popular transformations and battles of all time.

Instead, Dragon Ball Super is the canonical product born from the spirit of Akira Toriyamaand as Dragon Ball Z finally closes the story, this new anime fills the void left by the time jump between episodes 288 and 289. The series also received a follow-up film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which always plays before graduation. of the time jump.

According to many fans, Dragon Ball GT should be skipped as it is not canon, while for others it should be restored even before Super. Below, you can take a look at a Reddit user's post to find out which fan reviews are the most popular.

We want to hear yours clearly. Super or GT? Which of the two should be seen? Let us know with a comment! If instead you want to check out all the differences between the two products, we recommend reading our old article on the subject where we analyzed the pros and cons of the two souls.

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