Goku can be recognized at first glance by his orange uniform, inherited from the days he trained with the genius of the turtles and the blue clothing given during the years of training with God. The protagonist of Dragon Ball rarely changed clothes during the manga and anime.

Just in a few moments, for example in the first saga in which he wore the blue suit, or to adapt to the cold north climate when he attacked the Red Ribbon base. Goku changed clothes. But there are really a limited number of times Goku wore something other than the orange uniform that still remains in Dragon Ball Super today.

However, DP9Studio chose one new statuette of Dragon Ball and with Goku dressed differently than usual. For the Fashion Goku line we see that the well-known Saiyan will wear gray scarfs in streetwear style. Below we see the picture with the statuette of Goku from 152 € on a scale of 1 to 6, 35 centimeters high, 17 wide and 17 deep.

The new Goku will be available in the first half of 2021, even if pre-order has already been opened. And he won't be the only one getting new clothes, as the second picture of the tweet shows Freeza, Vegeta and Trunks visited each other with new outfits in urban style. What do you think of this new style of protagonists?

In the meantime, let's remind you of the controversial new statuette of Goku and Bulma, as well as the first Dragon Ball doll with the protagonist.

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