Goku and Vegeta, the protagonists and eternal rivals of the saga of Dragon Ball ZBecause of their Saiyan blood, they cannot age. However, an artist imagines it without this special ability and shows it to us in a drawing.

As it was introduced in the history of Dragon ballVegeta has become an omnipresent character alongside Goku in the most important battles in defense of the universe. The two Saiyajins fought several battles Defeating characters of the Freeza or Majin Buu caliber just keeps getting stronger. Currently, ours in Dragon Ball Super have become so powerful that they can face Moro. Goku has learned to master Ultra Instinct e Vegeta manages to apply new techniques after training on the planet Yardrat. After numerous battles and over the years, however The looks of the two fighters never changed and the credit is due to their belonging to the Saiyajin race, who as a people of warriors have adapted their bodies to remain young despite several years.

The Instagram user Ventura artbook However, he envisions the two Saiyajins giving in to the effect of the passage of time and depicting them as elderly gentlemen, with thick beards and white hair, but with a proud appearance, while their strength has not given way to age as to their appearance seems to be. We can also take note of that curious tattoos on arm the warrior: On Goku's we see the dragon Shenron, the pivot point of the whole series, while on Vegeta's we see an oozaru, the great ape in which Saiyajins usually transform themselves with a tail on the nights of a full moon.

In 2019 Dragon Ball turned 35, but Akira Toriyama's story is still on everyone's lips. Lately there has even been talk of a new cartoon series and who could be the new character designer for Dragon Ball Super several times.

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