Dragon Ball Full Color at the end, Volume 6 of the Buu Saga is coming

More than two years after the first published volume, Dragon Ball Full Color is coming to an end. As announced by Edizioni Star Comics, Volume 6 of the Majin Buu Saga will end the journey of Goku and the Z Warriors.

In 2018 Edizioni Star Comics brought Dragon Ball Full Color, a fantastic one, to Italian soil Full color output of the masterpiece of the master Toriyama. Originally launched by the Japanese publisher Shueisha, this work was divided into legends and has given us a total of 31 volumes over the course of two years. The 32nd Dragon Ball Full Color The Majin Buu Saga - 6 marks the end of Goku's adventure.

As announced on the Edizioni Star Comics official website, this new band will be tagged the epilogue of Dragon Ball Z.. "It will not be easy for readers of the extraordinary universe created by Akira Toriyama to complete their reading of Majin Buu Saga No. 6, the final volume of the fabulous Dragon Ball Full Color. But, you know, all publications go over, sooner or later ".

In the last volume of Majin Buu's saga that will be available from October 28th, Goku and Vegeta will merge with the Potara. After becoming the mighty Vegetto, you must face the scariest enemy you have ever met. Dragon Ball Full Color has carefully colored Goku's adventures from childhood to defender of the earth. A controversial Dragon Ball character was presented as a tribute to the protagonists' journey. If you think Goku is the strongest character in the franchise, you are very wrong. In Dragon Ball Multiverse, Bra is the most powerful of the Saiyans.

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