Today it is difficult to imagine the series of Dragon Ball Z without Vegeta, Goku's historical rival who is so dear to the community. But at first, not even Akira Toriyama could have expected that the Saiyan Prince would have become an idol of the net with his appearance.

We often read on the web about the Sensei's hatred of Vegeta, but in reality the connection between the author and the character is much more complex. In fact, the mangaka doesn't feel that kind of feelings towards the Saiyan even if he has it specifically stated that he doesn't like Vegeta that much.

Indeed, if at all toriyama he feels great respect for the character he envisioned, even considering the path of salvation he gives Majin Buu Saga instituted against him. In addition, during the release of the special manga created by the author for the 30th anniversary, he created an exclusive cartoon in which he Sensei starts a conversation with Vegeta. In fact, the latter accused the author of not having the courage to kill him at the time of its publication due to the popularity it gained among readers, a statement shared by the master, who to this day cannot understand how a "Dude" as he is managed to endear himself to the public.

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