Goku and his son Gohan had to protect planet Earth from the most terrifying antagonists, but in this particular illustration i two protagonists of Dragon Ball Z. You were sent back in time. We admire Goku and Gohan in a feudal version.

Artist Erren Van Duine shared an amazing fanart with Goku and Gohan on his Twitter profile in the Japanese feudal period. After battling the most powerful opponents, the two Saiyajins are now asked to take on the role of two experienced samurai swordsmen. After Goku and Gohan have finally given up their energy techniques, they are armed with a long saber and a katana. Gohan also wears a typical kimono and samurai mask that covers the lower part of his face.

Father and son play the role perfectly, so much so that one seriously ponders a hypothesis Spin-off discontinued in the past. To get rid of the Z-fighters for good, one of Dragon Ball's antagonists could use the Dragon Balls to send them back in time. Would you appreciate such a special episode? Currently, however, Goku is still busy fighting Molo and stopping his evil plan. An inexpensive Dragon Ball Z cosplay brings the Saibaman back to life. Gotenks plays his best technique in this terrifying Dragon Ball Z fanart.

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