During the broadcast of the first season of Dr. Stone explained to director Shusuke Katagiri that thanks to science, the anime will fly, not fight, a real first for the Shonen series. Today, Riichiro Inagaki's game of chance seems to have been won more than ever as his manga broke the wall of 8 million copies in circulation.

The Dr. Stone Manga debuted in Japan in March 2017 and was generally well received two million copies in the first two and a half years. The anime managed to increase sales and even went that far double the total in the following eight monthsfrom July 2019 to the last March. With four million copies in circulation, it would have been reasonable to expect another spike after the anime's second season airs, but apparently the quality of the manga was enough to burn a few tiers.

Dr. Stone has doubled the total in the past nine months, from four to eight million printed copies with 18 volumes in circulation. A result that is anything but incredible, but nevertheless extremely solid, a perfect recognition of the mangaca's great originality.

A new key visual of the second season of the anime was also shown a few hours ago, reminding you that you will be adjusting the volumes from 7 to 12 inclusive. The premiere date is January 2021, also in the simulcast on Crunchyroll Italia.

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