THE Tafka, name of the musical group Electro Rock formed in the province of Teramo in 2018, have just published on YouTube the music video of "Double the Pacotto life", their new piece dedicated to the extraordinary Lombard voice actress. Below you can read all the news related to the music project.

"By displacing any prediction, the new music video of the TAFKA group entitled" DOUBLE MY LIFE PACOTTO "published on the YouTube channel of the famous voice actress Emanuela Pacotto was unveiled. With a very catchy musicality, the text of the song tells how it would be nice to live with the voices of the characters voiced by Emanuela, like Bulma, Jessie, The Black Sorceress, Sakura and Nami, to help us face any problem. A funny song with a hilarious video clip that is a sort of hymn to pop-nerd culture in which many will probably recognize themselves.

About the video, following the clues left through Emanuela's social networks and listening to the live Facebook that preceded the premiere, we were able to discover the compelling story of its realization. Emanuela said that during a previous live in which she was a guest of the site, Tafka, had connected "by surprise" to dedicate the "unplugged live" version of the song, leaving her visibly moved and literally speechless. During that live between a tear and a few bars, the idea was born to create something to give visibility to the song.

With the complicity of the producer-director Max Coltorti (BABYLON), the idea of ​​the "live" style video was born in which Emanuela plays with her counterpart Yumi interacting with the action figures as in her #animeribelli format. Between quotes from the anime world and visual twists, the video ends with the fun participation of "special guests" including the YouTuber Sabrina "La Sabri" Cesereto, the cosplayer Leon Chiro, the reviewer Andrea Galeazzi, the rock singer of Lacuna Coil Cristina Scabbia and rapper Shade, involved by Emanuela herself as friends with whom she shared some happy moments in the difficult period of the lockdown. In short, as in the best tradition of cartoons, the Tafka make a "bang" with DOUBLE THE LIFE PACOTTO ".

And what do you think of it? Do you like the song? Let us know with a comment! In case you were a fan of the voice actress then, don't miss the opportunity to take a look at the public video last month, in which Emanuela Pacotto revealed some curiosities about her work.

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