The 2020 of Star Comics Editions continues with other interesting news on the manga front, after the publication of the Dragon Ball Collection and the single Volume of Ranma 1/2. In fact, a few moments ago, the arrival of the brand new Fairy Tail Collection was confirmed, with the first release scheduled for next June 24th.

Star Comics described the new edition as follows: “After the release in recent months, of the numbers 1 of the collections of Dragon Ball, Ranma 1/2 is Captain Tsubasa, now is the time for the beloved FAIRY TAIL! The famous and long-lived work of the master Hiro Mashima arrived for the first time in Italy in 2008 and still being published with the New Edition – back in comics, bookstores and online stores collected in 11 unmissable collector’s boxes. The craziest guild of wizards is waiting for you in collection format, don’t miss the chance to collect them all!“.

The first issue will be available from 24/06/2020 in comics, bookstores and online stores, will include the first 6 volumes and will cost € 25.80. On Amazon the product is already available for pre-order. You can read the description below: “The amazing adventures of the wildest guild in the history of manga are back, for the first time collected in eleven practical and elegant caskets. The best way to recover a work … magical!“.

And what do you think of it? You are interested? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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