In Boruto Chapter 75, Amado has finally spoken his truth. The scientist who once worked for Jigen of the Kara Organization may have missed some details. The young Uzumaki himself, with the support of an old enemy, becomes a exposes Amado?

After talking about the Powers of Eida and Daemon, the two new allies he brought to the Leaf Village in exchange for saving his life from Code's rage, Amado mentions a new Ootsutsuki in Boruto 75. This shibai is considered the god of the heavenly race as he managed to stock up on chakra fruits over the course of his long thousand year life. However, it seems so Shibai Otsutsuki ascended to an even more evolved life form, shedding his physical body to live an ethereal existence.

Anyway, Shibai created this Shinjutsu, divine abilities that required no signs and from which the powers of Eida, Daemon, Code, and Kawaki descend. This casts doubt on Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who by first contacting Boruto seems to want this collaborate with its recipient.

We know that Momoshiki can no longer reincarnate in Boruto's body, after the latter was killed by Kawaki and brought back to life thanks to Otsutsuki's DNA engraved in the karma. Until recently, however, Momoshiki seemed equally determined to return to life and use Boruto's body for his own tyrannical purposes. In chapter 75 of the work it is instead strangely willing to cooperate with him.

Through telepathic communication, Momoshiki confirms the part about Shibai, but reveals that something is wrong with Eida's powers. The girl's enchanting power is certainly not shinjutsu, and thus Amado lied about the matter. Momoshiki then allows Boruto to have one Vision of a dystopian futurewhich leaves room for numerous doubts and mysteries.

Either way, the two seem increasingly connected, with Boruto effectively becoming a human Ootsutsuki. How will their relationship develop? Boruto will be able to work with Momoshiki like Naruto did with Kuramaor will he give in to the Otsutsuki and become a threat to the ninja world?

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