Since its inception, the anime has been by Pokemon introduced a group of villains who repeatedly thwarted Ash Ketchum and Co. Often this happened in a funny way, sometimes these criminals were much more dangerous. The clue obviously refers to Team Rocket, an organization led by Giovanni.

Team Rocket is a very large and diverse organization that operates primarily in the Kanto and Johto regions, but also has a few bases in other regions. In Pokémon, the most common characters are James, Jessie, and Meowth, the trio always trying to catch Pikachu and the other protagonists' Pokémon. However, these are not the only minions of Giovanni to go around the world. There's Jessie's mother, for example, but in the story few will remember Butch and Cassidya Team Rocket duo who often competed with Jessie and James.

What happened to Butch and Cassidy in the Pokémon anime? There was also room for her in Pokémon: Explorations, with her own episode. In episode 95 of the series titled "The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky", the Team Rocket trio meet two former colleagues. Tired of their lives, Butch and Cassidy left the group and set off on their own.

Cassidy runs a coffee shop in a snowy village, who at the same time pursues his passion: wood carving. Butch made a similar decision: in the same episode, the boy is shown to alla Running a bakery in a seaside village along with a meowth. Both will help and house the three members of Team Rocket, who will then try to repay them by helping them with daily and commercial tasks.

Did you expect her end? And the Team Rocket trio eventually went their separate ways.

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