The news of November 30th, which is among the most significant in the world of entertainment, is the partnership between Disney+ and Kodansha. In the same hours, the important announcement is circulated, accompanied by many others: Dragons of Wonderhatch between these.

So not only Disney+ is integrating more and more anime products but the above genre, as rarely seen, is mixed with scenes from real life in a new project. This is Dragons of Wonderhatch announced on Japanese soil Wonderhatch -Sora-Tobu Ryū no Shima-, literally Wonderhatch: The Isle of the Flying Dragons, or Wonderhatch: The Isle of the Flying Dragons.

A striking title that says a lot in hindsight: In fact, the feature film is about dragon knights who can communicate with the fascinating creatures. But Dragons of Wonderhatch isn't just an anime a crossover genre between animation and live action. In fact, the plot has already shown that the world of dragons with young Tyme alternates with live footage revolving around the story of Nagi, a high school girl.

A clearer idea can be created with the vision of Dragons of Wonderhatch trailer, present at the top of the news. The promo shows itself from the first moments with very bright colors and curious and elaborate settings. More of a teaser, very short excerpts from the show alternate with clips from the making of the project. The final segment features Nagi actress Sena Nakajima, Daiken Okudaira, aka Tyme, and director Kentaro Hagiwara, already known for his work on the live-action Tokyo Ghoul.

L'The international release is planned for winter 2023, will you wait for it? In the meantime, you might be interested to know that the anime Mirai in Love is exclusive to Disney+.

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