The anime of chainsaw man is drawing to a close and the eighth episode has definitely brought Denji and the other members of Special Division 4 towards the final arc of the first season. The protagonist is now confident in his skills on the battlefield, but the debut of a new devil could turn the tables.

In fact, Denji has to face increasingly tough opponents and from time to time put his Chainsaw Devil skills to the test. there Mission to stop the devil of eternity It marked the arrival of new enemies, including a devil who could pose a threat equal to or even greater than Denji's if the latter were not in public safety.

In which Crunchyroll Videos At the top of the news, you can see the terrifying entry of the devil katana. It is a man so quick to elude the senses of power. Not much is known about this individual, but the positions of the blades protruding from his body match those of the transformed Denji, a detail that caught the eye of many viewers. And what do you think? They were impressed by the first appearance of the devil katana? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you the trailer for ep. 1x09 of Chainsaw Man and the cinematic references on the cover of the Blu-ray edition of the series.

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