After Hideaki Sorachi’s manga ended, there was a lot of talk about new anime projects for Gintama slated for 2021. Since a small part of Gintoki Sakata’s story remains to be dealt with, one could already imagine a single concluding feature film. The confirmations arrived yesterday announcing the final project, the Gintama The finale.

Yesterday was the day of leaks, with the official website hiding the poster of Gintama The Final with a release date. Today, however, the announcement came with great fanfare, complete with a teaser trailer and details on the next film about the silver-haired samurai. Warner Bros Japan does indeed uploaded the teaser trailer for Gintama The Final on Youtube, as you can also see above.

The film by Gintama will hit Japanese theaters on January 8, 2021 and in the video above we have a few lines from the three protagonists. Gintoki complains that he couldn’t work because of the coronavirus, but Kagura comments that he wouldn’t have worked anyway. In between, the teaser trailer reveals the Gintama the Final logo and announces that this time it will be the “Gintama finals and real“.

It won’t be the only animated project in the franchise as there will be a net anime coming out in a few months that connects to the film and is exclusive to Japan. After years of work too Gintama is coming to an end, will you enjoy this newest adventure from Gintoki and the other Yorozuyas who have been entertaining us for years?

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