Digimon Adventure 2020: The new development from Devimon is inspired by Venom

The new animated series of digital monsters, Digimon Adventure 2020 The 1999 restart of the eponymous series traces the adventures of digitized historians in a new guise, and in the anime's final installment, we saw an old enemy reappear in a new, strangely familiar form.

Before that, we had talked about the new look Devimon would take on over the course of Digimon Adventure 2020, and we can finally see it. The anime's latest release highlights the culmination of Tai, Mett, and Takeru's battle against the evil Digimon, who reveals that he's saved enough data Megadigievolve in the form of DoneDevimon. The latter, however, looks incredibly similar to characters from the Marvel and DC universes Poison and brood.

The same designer as the new monster Kenji WatanabeIn a tweet he notices the great influence that the creations of Todd McFarlane. It also brings a fantastic image that gives a new perspective to the clash between the evil Digimon and WarGreymon.

After the author's confirmation, the nature of the new Devimon di is even more striking perfect mix between the two antiheroes: Take the cape and the red stripes from Spawn's design and the eyes and the habit of sticking your tongue out of Venom.

In the past, Watanabe has talked about how Character design like the above influenced the evolution of digital creatures and now the fans are waiting for the next variants of the monsters shown in the anime.

What do you think of the new development from Devimon? Let us know with a comment. I also remind you that in the last few episodes, MetalGreymon got a new shape in Digimon Adventure 2020 as well.

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