The Detective Conan animated series recently celebrated its 25th birthday and is now facing a spot in the Anime list with more than 1000 episodes published. In fact, the anime will air episode 1000 on March 6, celebrating the event The animation studio broadcasts an episode s

The episode in question will be longer than normal as it is well understood two episodes of the first season among the series’ most popular fans. The episode in question is entitled “The fall of the sonata in the moonlight“and will adapt the case of the same name, which is told in episodes 11 and 12 of the first season. The total duration of the special is one hourand the exceptional attendance of child prodigy Aimi Kobayashi, who will play the moonlight sonata in the episode’s famous scene, has been confirmed.

In the case of the Moonlight Sonata, Kogoro, Ran and Conan travel to Tsukikage Island after receiving a letter from a man who has been dead for ten years. After landing, the three witnesses several murders, all from the piano sonata No. 14 by Ludwig van Beethoven. The episode ends with a big twist that completely rewrites the meaning of events.

What do you think about it? Will you see the special Let us know in the comments! In case you had the desire to restore the anime, we remind you that the full list of Detective Conan fillers is available on our pages.

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