The series Detective Conan It has accompanied us for 26 years with more than 1050 chapters or “files” and 98 tankobons published in Japan. Certainly one of the longest-running works ever published in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, in which the spin-off Detective Conan: Story Arch of the Police Academy gave way.

This particular one History written and drawn by Takahiro Arai, former author of the previous Zero no Tea Time, follows the career of Tooru Amano when he entered the police academy and many characters who also appeared in the regular series, such as Hiromitsu Morofushi. To celebrate this new series was Aoyama himself to design the cover of the first chapter.

Given the moderate success so far, a nice initiative has been announced, which will take place with the release of the next chapters and tankobons of the spin-off. Indeed The famous mangaka has decided to answer some questions, exclusively in connection with the spin-off, which fans can offer him thanks to a specially created site. If you fill out a form entirely in Japanese, you can send the application, which will then be included in the volumes or not.

For interested parties we leave you under the link on the page, you have until August 8 to send your questions. Remember that Gosho Aoyama just turned 57 and also expected Detective Conan to hold less.

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