In this year's ninth edition of the magazine Monthly action from the publisher Futabasha The last chapter of the manga was published, written and illustrated by Shinpei Ito, Chikyuu Shinryaku Shoujo Asuka. The publisher will publish the third and final compilation volume on September 12th.

Ito began publishing the manga in Futabasha's Monthly Action magazine in September 2018. The publisher published the second compilation volume on February 12.

Synopsis of Chikyuu Shinryaku Shoujo Asuka

The story revolves around Asuka Makino, a normal high school girl from the outside, but who is actually an alien disguised as a human being planning an invasion of the earth. However, she has already forgotten her original mission because she enjoys spending time at school and with her friends. However, when another alien creature comes to Earth to destroy it, it takes on the identity of the righteous "flying goddess of destruction".

Source: ANN

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