Demon Slayer: When fans discovered that Koyoharu Gotouge is a woman

Demon Hunter Today it is one of the most popular Japanese titles of the moment, as well as one of the best-selling series in the entire Japanese territory. This success led to numerous piracy incidents, but no controversy reached the outrage of any section of the community when the perpetrator was found to be you.

During Madfest 2020, Shueisha He reached out to the author through a panel devoted to the franchise and actually confirmed the gender rumors from Gotouge Sensei. If, for a large part of the community, the news didn't dictate a particular surprise as the talent is not male or female, the revelation has not been well received for another part of the fan base.

As you can see for yourself from the original comments at the bottom of the news, some Japanese fans were able to express their disappointment with the author. Below we list the translations of the comments inserted below in the following order:

  • "The Demon Slayer writer is a woman no matter how you look at it";
  • "Well, Haikyuu was always beautiful from the start, Demon Slayer is too boring. Somehow we understand that the writer is a woman, especially in the characters. On the contrary, I admit I'm crazy about Jujutsu Kaisen."
  • "I understood immediately that the Demon Slayer writer was indeed you. The writers like to add useless and boring jokes, in fact I remember a nerdy classmate of mine who liked to imitate Gintama."
  • "Just look at the junk developments of history to understand that the writer of DS is a woman";
  • "Didn't we already know that the writer of Demon Slayer is a woman because the lines in the manga weren't funny at all ?!";
  • "Is the writer of Demon Slayer a woman? That is unforgivable!";
  • "If the writer of DS is really a woman, I'll stop following him";
  • "It wasn't difficult to understand that the author was a woman, after all female characters have no weight in the story, it's obvious. Only Rumiko Takahashi is respectable";

As for you, what do you think of these comments instead? Let us know with a comment below. In any case, Demon Slayer has surpassed Volume 1's 4 million copies sold without a few more fans, and the numbers don't seem to be really going down.

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