Demon Hunter is one of the anime and manga series that has achieved impressive success in a short period of time and continues to capture millions of readers and viewers thanks to the Infinity Train film released in October. For this reason we decided to create a ranking list for the narrative arcs of Gotoge's work.

At the end of the ranking we find the saga of Hashira TrainingHere the protagonists follow the teachings of the pillars to better master many techniques and to prepare for the final battle. Static chapters where the course of the plot is practically nothing and which could be difficult for this reason. Next we find the saga dedicated to the Asakusa districtThe only significant event is the introduction of Muzan Kibutsuji, the show's main antagonist, as well as the ancestor of the demons and the murderer who exterminated Tanjiro's family.

In ninth place is the arch of Infinity train, brilliantly represented in the film of the same name, which for the first time shows a connection between the characteristic and the rural world with an almost steampunk technology and in which we experience the introduction of the Crescent Moons in the clash between Akaza and Rengoku.

Next comes the saga of the Swordmakers Villagewhere Muzan and the Crescent Moons directly struck the demon slayers, robbed them of their precious forge and raided them. In seventh place is the Rehabilitation Training Arch, for which the protagonists come the first time in contact with the Hashira, the nine pillars, commanded by Kagaya Ubuyashiki. This is also where the foundations are laid for some future events, such as Muzan's extermination of the waning moons and his decision to bring the waning moons into play.

Despite the spectacular nature of the fights and the inclusion of the final techniques The final story arc stops at the sixth position for the little attention paid to many characters, for the fragmentation with which the battles are depicted, and for the excessive duration of the clash with Muzan. In fifth place we find instead the drum house sagawhere the group that Tanjiro and Nezuko will accompany until the end of the story is finally formed with the introduction of Zenitsu and Inosuke.

The bow of the Natagumo mountain Undoubtedly, this is the most terrifying and darkest moment in all of history, when the relationships between the main characters, who for the first time take part in an important mission, aware of the support of others, solidify. During this saga, the fifth waning moon, Rui, the head of the spider demon family, also appears.

In the top 3 we find the arc of the entertainment districtwhich led Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu to investigate a mysterious demon who was present in the Red Light District and which featured one of the community's most beloved characters. the hashira of sound, Uzui. In second place is the first mission entrusted to Tanjiro, which faces a very strategically capable demon that he can only defeat thanks to the spectacular entry of Nezuko.

The first position was captured by theThe story arc is devoted to the trial of becoming a demon slayer, full of events that show Tanjiro's growth, from the despair after the death of the family, to meeting the teacher Sakonji Urokodaki, to passing the test and being recognized by the protagonist.

What do you think of this ranking? Let us know with a comment below. Remember, the pillars in the new fan book have judged each other, and we'll let you find out what Gotoge wants to include in his next manga.

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