In the last few days the first spoilers of chapter 69 of Dragon Ball SuperThis shows the beginning of Vegeta's training with Beerus and an interesting discussion between the two, in which the God of Destruction showed particular interest in the vicissitudes that led to the disappearance of the Saiyans.

The fans were a bit surprised to see this such an interaction from BeerusAlmost as if the authors Toriyama and Toyotaro wanted to underline his connection with the tragic fate that led to the genocide of the Saiyans and their almost complete extinction. After several questions of divinity, Vegeta himself claims that the deaths of millions of Saiyans were caused by his father's ambition, Words to which Beerus reacts rather unexpectedly.

Beerus is the god of the destruction of Universe 7 and knows exactly what he actually referred to the destruction of the planet Vegeta and the extermination of the Saiyajinsand although to this day he seems to be a very important ally in the adventure of the Z-Warriors, his involvement in the fate of the race of Goku and Vegeta cannot be ruled out.

According to some enthusiasts Beerus even somehow forced Lord Freeza to kill heror simply he would have decided to help the emperor in battle. Perhaps overly drastic ideas that would result in an unlikely retcon regarding Freeza, one of the characters now considered historical in the Dragon Ball narrative.

What do you think about it? Do you think Beerus is really connected to the sequence of events that led to the destruction of the Saiyans? Let us know with a comment below. Remember, according to an insider, interesting developments are coming, and we'll leave you on the first page of Chapter 69 with the planet Cereal.

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