In the West we all know Barbie together with her boyfriend Ken, who populated the rooms of many girls and can still exercise her charm today. The Japanese version of this type of doll is known as Licca-chan and was created by Takara Tomy decades ago. Now this doll does connects the world of demon slayers with Nezuko.

We've seen a lot of merchandising lately that has been inspired by the brand, such as the Tanjiro and Nezuko-inspired backpacks or the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba themed masks. It was only a matter of time before Takara Tomy decided to start working with Licca-chan and Haruto-kun or the one Japanese version of Barbie and Ken.

The two main brothers will compose the new design of the dolls, which is already shown in the photo below. Takara Tomy kept her main features like clothes and colors, but paid great attention to details. The dresses from haori to kimono, obi to pants and sandals are individually made and can be separated from the rest, as is the case with the dresses of Barbie and these similar dolls.

Nezuko will be 24 centimeters tall against Tanjiros 27 and will be available in Japanese stores from May 2021. Would you buy this Barbie version of Nezuko?

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