Various rumors of upcoming news for the film have been chasing in recent days Demon slayer, infinity train. And this is exactly where a new trailer was released today, August 2nd, and the release date of the feature was confirmed.

The short video clip at the end of the article was shared again by the Twitter account Anime News And Facts. who specified the release date - October 16th - and confirmed the return of the LiSa group to realize the soundtrack "Fire".

The trailer stages a series of sequences that are repeated show meticulous care from Ufotable in the management of the technical sector. And this impression - if confirmed at the exit - will be an important achievement given the precarious production conditions that COVID-19 imposes.

The film is a direct continuation of the first season;; will follow the adventures of Tanjiro and his companions and introduce the Sengoku Pillar of Fire, the character that forms the core of the narrative storyline.

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