In the past few weeks, many western branches appear to have reported some updates regarding criticism of Demon Slayer sabotaged in Japan by feminist activists and various parenting associations. How is the situation? Is Season Two Really Endangered? So that we understand each other.

First, The information reported is realand controversy is currently underway in Japan over the production of the anime's second season. Indeed, the growing popularity of the series has led many parents to inquire about the content of the work, and many families have begun to worry about the topics that will be covered in Demon Slayer 2.

As many of you surely know The second season of the anime is mainly set in the "red light district".and mothers and fathers do not appreciate that such a popular series contains such explicit references to prostitution. Initially, some associations had requested the cancellation of the second season, but in the last few days they have withdrawn and asked for a censored version to be made or at least for the time window to be postponed. The final decision in this case rests solely with Ufotable, as the broadcasters are literally competing to broadcast the series.

in addition, Several polemics of a feminist nature have arisenHowever, it should be stated that these are not positions taken by the movement as a whole, but by a minority. In January last year, the administrator of the feminist side FemininV criticized the role of Nezuko, a "character who embodies all the prejudices of male chauvinism, who is forced not to speak because of his bamboo, and who plays a marginal role behind his brother Tanjiro Kamado was banished ". The contribution had been discussed but had generally not met with great approval.

A few days ago the same profile returned to office with the suggestion of a survey: "Demon Slayer will return with a second season in a red light district. The anime is seen by young children too, and the topics covered are inappropriate. Do you agree to the production of Season 2?"More than 55,000 users took part in the poll, and 96.1% of voters answered 'yes'.

FemininV wasn't the only feminist site to oppose the anime, but as we've written before However, it is a minority, as Demon Slayer is appreciated by both male and female audiences in Japan. Production is therefore not at risk and work will continue as planned until the official release for the second half of 2021.

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