After so many months of speculation, finally Demon slayer 2 officially announced news that made social media explode with joy. Those who don't seem so enthusiastic about the announcement are the children's parents, who fear for the content that will be adapted in the new saga.

The new season will in fact be the narrative arc of the red light district, the so-called "Yuukaku"These are Japanese districts that offer adult services. Several parents expressed concern about how to explain the existence of yuukaku to their children, and reminded that this age group is particularly valued for the work.

These districts emerged in Japan in the second half of the 16th century and only four hundred years later. with the end of World War IIwere finally abolished, turning the brothels into more harmless cafes called "Akasen", a nickname that recalls the original role of the neighborhoods. Finally, in 1956, the Prostitution Law.

In any case, the debate is filmed on many social networks and even on the famous portal Livedoor news reported the matter. According to some users, this type of setting as covered in the manga does not affect children's sensitivity in any way. However, according to other fans, this atmosphere could allow a larger audience to experience part of early Japanese culture that has long been considered taboo.

And on the other hand, do you understand parents' fears? Let us know what you think with a comment below.

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