The first season of 2019, which wowed audiences, saw a sequel in a theatrical version. Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train hit the ground running in this new format too, earning the Ufotable studio first place at the Japanese box office. But now there are from Focus on Demon Slayer 2.

Surprisingly, the production decided to trace the history of the Mugen train in the first few episodes. A choice that inevitably delays the transmission of original content in Demon Slayer 2, with the first few months dedicated to remaking the film. The first episode to land on Crunchyroll was a filler, after which Ufotable faithfully reported the events narrated in the film. How long will it take?

The answer can already be found in the old statements: Overall, this is The Mugen train in Demon Slayer 2 will last 7 episodes. The remaining four episodes will all air in November, every Sunday, and will conclude this saga on November 28, 2021. The red light district saga, which everyone is longingly waiting for, will be presented to the public on television and on streaming portals from December 5th. 2021.

This could also be the final saga of this season given the rumors that they want a shorter-than-expected Demon Slayer 2.

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