For a few months Demon slayer 2 It is no longer talked about and there are currently no official confirmations of the anime's release date. However, the sequel will be released in the fall season and new rumors appear to herald an unusual broadcast for the hugely popular series.

Because of the poster and advertising trailer, we are sure that the anime will adapt the Red Light District saga that will continue the adventures of Tanjiro along with another of the pillars. Uzui Tengen. In any event, two different insiders have come into possession of new information regarding Season 2 which, as usual, we should treat with caution while you await official confirmation of the matter.

In the words of spy, well-known leaker in the industry, Demon Slayer 2 is characterized by two cour, that is for a Total number of episodes of 22 or 24 episodes. According to another source Anime hub, the entire first course of the anime will trace the Ghost Train saga with Rengoku. that is the narrative arc of the film. This wouldn't be the first time a television series has readjusted the events of a feature film, just think that TOEI Animation launched Dragon Ball Super by re-proposing it on the small screen.The battle of the gods" And "The resurrection of F".

So we just have to wait for an official confirmation on this matter, which we hope will arrive in the next few days. Instead, what do you think of these rumors? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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