There DC Comics has just presented a new series set in the DCeased universe, belonging to the digital-first editorial line, DCeased: Hope at World's End. Tom Taylor is present at the writing, while the artistic sector is curated by Dustin Nguyen, Renato Guedes, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Marco Failla.

The story will take place after the timeskip occurred in the fifth issue of DCeased, and will see the presence of heroes such as Martian Manhunter, Stephanie Brown, Superman, Wonder Woman, Wally West, Jimmy Olsen, Black Manta, Robin and many others.

The author, Tom Taylor, was well aware that he could not put everything he wanted in the miniseries, and the new publication represents an ideal opportunity to explore the unknown narrative outlets:

"We knew we had a bigger story to tell, so we created wide-ranging plots, and deliberately excluded great characters to deepen them in the future. That future has come. "

Below we leave you the translation of the official synopsis:

"In DCeased: Hope at World's End, the Anti-Life Equation has infected over a billion people on Earth. Heroes and criminals have fallen. In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of Metropolis, Superman and Wonder Woman attempted to stem the tide of infections, preserve and protect the survivors and plan for the future. In the darkest hour on Earth the heroes will bring hope! The war for Earth has just begun! "

DCeased: Hope at World's End will take place every two months and, overall, the series will consist of 14 chapters.

The Harley Quinn comic is nearing its end, Humphries said. Batman: the three Joker has been postponed, DC Comics has announced a new release date for the miniseries.

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