The famous American publisher DC comics has announced the next big event that will include characters like Perpetua, the laughing Batman, and all alternative versions of the Dark Knight in Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Although the announcement of the event was made only by DC sharing the image you find at the bottom of the page, it is plausible to believe it a direct continuation of events in death metalWe find Scott Snyder among the authors and maybe it is Greg Capullo who takes care of the drawings.

In addition to the release scheduled for December, the poster shown will It is immediately clear that there will be ice, and this will surely make you think of all the baddies known to date on the Batman newspaper pages related to this element, such as Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Mr. Freeze.

We do not know yet How much resonance will Endless Winter have across the DC universe?and especially if superheroes other than the Hooded Crusader are involved, but it will surely accompany us for a few months and maybe show us new details about the Dark Multiverse.

Recall that Batman recently got a new costume to end the Joker War and that we saw an unexpected victim on the Batgirl website.

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