D4DJ First Mix Anime is releasing a special promo video

On the official page for the anime adaptation of the project D4DJ (Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ) from Bushiroad, which is titled D4DJ First mixA new promotional video has been released containing the musical unit's opening theme Happy Around!.

The series premieres on October 30th in Japan. Before its premiere, a special program entitled “D4DJ First Mix TV” will be broadcast for four weeks from October 2nd. Each episode will feature a special guest from the Virtual YouTubers agency. Hololive production. These virtual talents will include Hoshimachi Suisei, Amane Kanata, Natsuiro Matsuri Y. Omaru polka.

This project is emerging as a new trend from Bushiroad To produce multimedia projects, after the success of BanG Dream! Y. Revue Starlight. D4DJ It will include live performances, animation and games. The project includes both new music and remixes of popular music from the industry. On the part of the video game developer donuts cares what is titled D4DJ Groovy Mix and which will be released for mobile devices in the fall.

Production team

  • Seiji Mizushima ((Full metal alchemist, Mobile suit Gundam 00) will stage the anime D4DJ First Mix in the studios Sanzigen animation studio ((BanG Dream!, Monster Beat the animation).
  • Bushiroad The original idea is credited and the founder and current president of the company Takaaki Kidani serves as executive producer.
  • Ko Nakamura((BanG Dream!) the original story is credited.
  • Masahiro Nakayama is the production manager, and Shigero Saitou ((Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, lucky Star) is responsible for composing the soundtrack.
  • The musical unit Happy Around! will carry out the opening theme.

D4DJ First Mix Synopsis

We will never forget this moment. Rinku Aimoto has a habit of spending time saying "Happy Around!" Accept. every time you're happy After returning to Japan, he switched to Yoba Academy, where the DJ activities are quite active.

Impressed with the DJ activities, she decides to team up with girls Maho Akashi, Muni Ohnaruto and Rei Togetsu to create a musical unit called Happy Around! Under the production of Saito Shigeru. To build. While hanging out with other music units on campus like Peaky P-Key and Photon Maiden, Rinku and her friends have to prepare their performances on stage.

Source: Official Twitter account

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