Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most anticipated and discussed video games of recent years. The ambitious project born in the CD Project RED studios has generated a real media phenomenon that has brought back attention and interest to the cyberpunk universe, giving way to other projects such as the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunner.

Announced in June 2020, the adaptation led to an active collaboration between figures from CD Project itself and the artists from Deduction, a major Japanese animation studio. The project will be shared across the world via the American giant’s streaming platform Netflix, from September 2022.

After the sequences shown during Netflix Geeked Week, we returned at Anime Expo 2022 to talk about the series with the artists from Studio Trigger. An important source of inspiration for him after the revelations of the team Style and design refer to the character of Lucy was the cult film Blade Runner. That’s because they wanted to give her a more mature look and try to make her as charming as possible, just like all the other main characters.

Another issue raised during the interventions and exchanges with the public concerned dubbing. Hiromi Wakabayashiof creative support, has simply admitted that he appreciates both the Japanese interpretation and the American dubbing of the series.

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