Get ready for a delightful treat as the official website of the anime adaptation of Kenjirou Hata's manga, Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Fly Me to the Moon), has announced the production of a new series of OVAs titled "Tonikaku Kawaii: Joshi Kou-hen (TONIKAWA: Girls' High School Arc)." In an exciting press release, it was revealed that these new OVAs will be released according to the following schedule:

  • Episode 1: July 12, 2023
  • Episode 2: July 26, 2023
  • Episode 3: August 9, 2023
  • Episode 4: August 23, 2023

Furthermore, new voice cast members have been announced, including:

  • Ayane Sakura as Kaguya Kekko
  • Rika Nagae as Yaiba Shirogane
  • Coco Hayashi as Haru Miyako
  • Hina Yomiya as Mishio Usa
  • Ayane Matsuda as Hotaru Kurenai
  • Hitomi Ueda as Hakase Inukai
  • Kaori Maeda as Jessie Nikotama

Synopsis: Love and Laughter in a High School Setting

This new series of OVAs revolves around the series' protagonist, Nasa, who is asked by his high school teacher to teach a class at an all-girls school. As the story unfolds, the students seek Nasa's advice on their love troubles. Meanwhile, Tsukasa pretends to be cool but secretly feels nervous knowing that Nasa is surrounded by high school girls.

Tonikaku Kawaii

A Brief History and Adaptation

Kenjirou Hata began serializing the Tonikaku Kawaii manga in February 2018 in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, published by Shogakukan. The manga inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Seven Arcs studios, directed by Hiroshi Ikehata, and with scripts written by Kazuho Hyodo. The anime premiered in October 2020, captivating audiences with its charming story.

The Creative Team Behind the OVAs

For this second season,

  • Hiroshi Ikehata (Kiratto Pri☆Chan, Seton Academy: Welcome to the Pack) takes on the role of director at Seven Arcs studios.
  • Kazuho Hyodo (Kiratto Pri☆Chan) brings their writing and supervisory skills to the scripts, ensuring a compelling storyline.
  • Masakatsu Sasaki (Saki, We Never Learn: BOKUBEN) handles character design,
  • Goichi Iwahata takes charge of promotional design. Endou (Akiba's Trip: The Animation) composes the enchanting soundtrack that sets the tone for each heartwarming moment.

Love Against All Odds

The story of Tonikaku Kawaii follows Nasa Yuzaki, a determined young man aiming to make a name for himself in the history books. Topping the national mock exam and setting his sights on an esteemed preparatory school, Nasa believes he has his entire life planned out. However, fate has other plans. One snowy night, Nasa's eyes are captivated by an unparalleled beauty across the street. Drawn to her, he attempts to approach, only to be startled by an oncoming truck. Miraculously, the girl's quick actions save his life.

Bleeding beside an ambulance, Nasa watches as the girl walks away under the moonlight, reminiscent of Princess Kaguya ascending to the moon. Determined not to let this chance encounter end, Nasa pushes his injured body to pursue her and boldly confesses his feelings. Surprised by his audacity and unwavering determination, the girl accepts his confession under one condition: they can only be together if he marries her.

Mark Your Calendar!

Prepare to experience the enchanting world of Tonikaku Kawaii once again with the release of the new OVAs. Mark your calendars for July 12, July 26, August 9, and August 23, 2023. Let yourself be immersed in a heartwarming tale of love, laughter, and unexpected connections.

Source: Official Website


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