October is fast approaching, the month when the fall anime season begins. Among the upcoming titles there are many very famous ones - it will be one of the most interesting seasons ever - and among the most awaited ones is Chainsaw Man, an anime that studio MAPPA is working on. After long waiting, Finally a new trailer is coming.

The first teaser trailer for Chainsaw Man was short and showed few scraps of the protagonists' lives. Music, animations, rawness, everything managed to convey good sensations. But now it's time to see the new Chainsaw Man trailer by Studio MAP. In an online event published on the Youtube Map Channel, the studio revealed the video in question.

The event started with a short presentation, which then left room for the essentials. In the Chainsaw Man trailer the protagonist Denji appearsin both its human and chainsaw versions, along with the manga's most prominent characters: Makima, Power, and Aki, each of whom has a brief moment in the trailer to introduce themselves.

Lots of action, lots of gore, lots of intrigue and a visual that seems to be of a good standard. After the video, the Chainsaw Man voice actors were revealed instead. Finally, it was confirmed once again that the anime will air in October 2022.

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