The most anticipated anime of the fall 2022 season is hands down chainsaw man. Produced by studio MAPPA, which also intends to adapt the second part of the work, published in Shonen Jump + magazine since July 13 last year, Chainsaw Man is already very popular among manga readers around the world.

The history of Denji and its devil-invaded world seems at first to be the most classic of the shonen, but later has some spectacular surprises and impressive splatter sequences in store. The trailers for the animated studio adaptation MAPPA have caused the hype of the fans hoping for a goose bumps adaptation to rise beyond measure.

During Crunchyroll Expo 2022, Manabu Otsuka, producer of Chainsaw Man, explained how the cast of the series was chosen. The voice actors were selected after various auditions based on who most emphasized the characters' weirdness with their own voice. Chainsaw Man is packed with characters beyond logic, and choosing MAPPA studio to dub it could boost the quality of the production.

Also, Otsuka has revealed that the final casting decision was made by Chainsaw Man's director Ryu Nakayama, who according to the producers was perfectly suited for the role, which involved very young voice actors, while also prioritizing their resemblance to the characters was an opera by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The cast enthusiastically participated in the production, with director Nakayama giving plenty of advice to the young people he had chosen. Given the harmony of the voice actors and the "almost perfect" job done, expectations for the Chainsaw Man anime can only remain very high, but we're sure of it study MAP will not disappoint the fans this time either.

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