The weekly broadcast of chainsaw man continues, Crunchyroll is releasing the fourth episode of the anime. Concurrent with the episode's release, Studio MAPPA shared the fourth ending that accompanies the adaptation on its YouTube channel.

Before the series aired MAP study revealed that each episode of the anime would have a different ending theme, and the animation studio is making good on that promise. Chainsaw Man's third theme song, which features a special Easter egg, follows a character-focused one.

At the beginning of Chainsaw Man 1x04, a flashback gives us a glimpse of that past of power. Sadistic and infatuated with blood, she can actually have feelings, especially towards her beloved cat, Meowy, the only creature whose warmth she appreciates. Luckily, Denji was able to save his little friend from the starving stomach of the Bat Devil.

Either way, the fourth closing theme of Chainsaw Man It is accompanied by the song "Tablet" by famous J-Pop artist TOOBOE. The music, in an accelerated style, is the backdrop to a clip where Power is the sole star. In fact, we see her wearing different outfits, screaming, doing follies and dancing. What are your thoughts on the character of Power so far and this ending dedicated to her?

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